Monday, January 08, 2007

Summer Breeze by Catherine Anderson

This is the follow up to Keegan’s Lady and my second book by Catherine Anderson.

The year is 1889, and Rachel Hollister hasn't set foot outside her house in five years. Ever since a savage attack left her family dead, she's cordoned herself off from the outside world, afraid to let anyone into her home—or into her heart. But now trouble has appeared on her doorstep—and suddenly she has no choice but to let a handsome ranccher invade her well-guarded existence...

Confirmed bachelor Joseph Paxton grudgingly offers to take up temporary residence at the Hollister ranch—even though it's obvious that Rachel doesn't want his protection. But once he catches a glimpse of his beautiful young ward and her remarkable spirit, he'll do anything to break through the dark spell that's walled off her heart. It may take a miracle, but he's determined to make her see the refuge he's offering in his embrace—and the splendor that exists beyond her front door. Otherwise he'll just have to build a safe haven big enough for the both of them...

What I liked about Rachel:

The truth in her character. Anderson’s heroine has suffered severe mental and physical trauma, yet she is self-possessed. She lives closeted in fear, appears to be blocking memories of the traumatic event and hasn’t matured emotionally much beyond the age at which the trauma occurred (17). Still, her terror is linked tightly to the event and all other aspects of her upbringing and outlook if you will are normal.

What I liked about Joseph:

The truth in his character. Joseph reminded me of a number of southern gentlemen I’ve known in my own life. His choice of words in particular was warmly familiar. He is the perfect, steadfast man for Rachel and their ensuing attraction and growing affection made for a sweet story.


While Summer Breeze didn’t take my breath away, I did enjoy it. It was a comfortable read. Believable and sweet. Anderson’s characterization was strong and the mystery challenging, although not overly taxing. I do want to read the others in this series (a family series), but doubt I will get to them all this year. I’d say they fall into a category of convenience. I don’t plan to suspend all other reading to get to them.


  1. I Love Love Love Catherine Anderson, I enjoyed this book as well when I read it as well.

    Now my Question to you, Did you read True Love wedding dress by her? It's anthology I know but her story is the story of Caitlin's Brother Patrick. she also wrote the Prologue and the Epilouge ans all the stories were tied together by the Wedding dress. I don't think you need to read it But I did and I thought I would just mention it to you.

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Jen. I'd count this among my top reads last year, although I forgot to mention it in my round up. I just got Sun Kissed in the mail from Amazon. It's one of the contemps in the Coulter family. Totally psyched to read Tucker's story, and I love the way it starts out with Tucker reading Rachel and Joseph's diary and love letters :) Love this series! I agree with you, it's a softer type of read, which is a definite plus after some of the intense reads we do.

  3. Like Lori, I'd have put this in my top reads of the year had I remembered when I did them.

    Overall the story was sweet and easy to read. I haven't been impressed with much of her other works in this series, but this gets a glowing 5 stars from me.

  4. Jenn - This and Keegan's Lady are the only two from Anderson that I've read. I've made a note of the Wedding Dress one though. Thanks!

    Lori and Holly - I agree, sweet and soft appeals. Especially when you need something to counter the night creature stuff we read (you now too Lori). LOL

  5. I've had this one on my shelf for so long... now I'm moving it up the TBR pile.


Have you read it? What do you think?

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