Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Last Words by Mariah Stewart

Last Words by Mariah StewartThe next in the "Last..." trilogy, this one is drawn even more tightly than Last Look. Highly suspenseful and emotional, I was pulled into the story of Mia and Beck from the get-go. Another of the Shields FBI siblings, Mia definitely has issues with her brother having killed her cousin. Stewart has written another strong, capable, yet vulnerable heroine, along with another flawed, yet thoughtful and thoroughly wonderful hero.

This storyline is definitely not for the squeamish, as Stewart gets more graphic in her descriptions than she has in quite some time, I think. I, personally, loved it, freak that I am *g*. Her descriptive text is flawless, her characterizations are deep and appropriate, and her sense of suspense is terrific. This is one of those books where you think to yourself with each new character introduced – "Is he the one?"

I loved Beck, the Police Chief – loved the way he was so protective of Mia, yet completely allowed her to do her job in a professional manner. And Mia was so human – able to be so professional, yet teetering on the verge of a drinking problem brought on by her brother’s actions a year earlier. Once again, we see Connor, the last Shields sibling, and Anne Marie McCall, the FBI profiler who was to have married the murdered Shields cousin. Although Connor plays a very tiny role in this book (perhaps a total of 10 pages altogether?), Stewart definitely whetted my appetite for his book, Last Breath, which comes out in August. Woot!


  1. okay, this series sound really good and it seems that her books are similar to Kay Hooper, minus the psychic part... I think I'm going to get it LOL :D thanks a lot for the reviews!

  2. I really love Stewart's writing!

  3. Ooh wow, this one needs to go on the list of books to be read, it sounds great and suspensful, as soon as I'm in the mood for that, I'm totally going to get this. I really like the name Beck too, probably because it reminds me of Becks, haha...

    Great review sweets!

  4. LOL - Rowena - you and your Becks!

    Lauren - I agree - she's da bomb!

    Nath, I'd also equate her with Lisa Jackson, if you've ever read her (although not quite as twisted).

    Even though these all stand alone, they are all very loosely part of a couple of series. (For all you series sluts out there - and you know who you are LOL!)

    Dead Even
    Dead Certain
    Dead Wrong
    Dead End

    Last Look
    Last Words
    Last Breath

  5. hey there :D

    thanks for the list... I have a couple of her Dead... and aren't there more that have been released lately... I just can't remember the titles ^^;

    Also, I don't really liked Lisa Jackson, i guess it's the twistness... but anyway, I enjoyed the Dead ones well enough.

  6. Great reviews Chick! I just fell off a romantic suspense kick that lasted more than a month. Looks like I'll be going back to it. *g*

  7. Great reviews Chick! I just fell off a romantic suspense kick that lasted more than a month. Looks like I'll be going back to it. *g*

  8. I'm in the mood for a book like that.
    Thanks for listing them in order, hehe.

  9. hey Lori :D can i ask you another thing... where do the Truth books come in? are they loosely part of this series as well?

    and Last Breath is coming out in hardcover? T_T

  10. Hi Nath - the Truth books came before the Dead books. They are not really related, except that the same FBI unit is involved in them all, and their boss, John Mancini is who ties them all together. That's really about it, as far as I can recall.

    And like I said, she writes along the same lines as Lisa Jackson, in that the suspense/thriller is definitely what takes the lead and the romance definitely takes a back seat - but she is really less twisted :) (although I like twisted LOL!)

  11. Oh, and damn about Last Breath coming out in hardcover. That's what happened with Dead End, and I had to wait a hella long time for it to come out in PB. I just don't have the budget for HC. And my library stinks - they don't have diddly, or I'd read it there in HC and then buy it later in PB anyway. I did a rant on this over at Let's Gab a while back. Stop publishing my favorite authors in hardcover... PLEASE!!!

  12. I really enjoyed Last look which I just finished yesterday. I bought Last Words today and plan on reading it tonight. I'm bummed though that the 3rd book is going to be hardback.

  13. Hey, you gotta admit what a Becks to be obsessed with! LOL.


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