Thursday, June 14, 2007

Something Wonderful by Judith McNaught

Something WonderfulThis book was truly something wonderful. Believe it or not, this was only the 2nd book by McNaught that I have ever read. The first was Once and Always, and I loved it as much as this one. This is clichéd romance at its finest. Her hero is a wounded, jaded soul, and her heroine is (albeit a bit too) naïve, innocent fresh girl who sees the good in the world, but who also has a deep, educated, "old" soul.

Once I got past Alex falling in love with Jordan at basically first sight, I was as enchanted as Jordan. It was beautifully written, watching his barriers crumble, one by one. Of course, there is a great tragedy that befalls them, and Alex must grow up, and Jordan becomes very distrustful. As Alex becomes disillusioned with Jordan and her memories of him, I wanted to cry right along with her - McNaught writes it that well. When Jordan misinterprets Alex's transformation, I wanted to smack him - I was that invested.

We see Jordan get pulled nder Alex's spell almost unwittingly, unable to help himself from buying into her pollyanna vision of life. As she matures, and tries to take on his more cynical and rakish characteristics, we watch him mourn the loss of that which he thought he didn't want, need or even like. His attempt to win her back brings out the best in them both.

McNaught's writing paints beautiful pictures, and seeing Jordan and his autocratic, cynical grandmother both melt under Alex's wide-eyed excitement for life made me remember why I started reading romance lo those many years ago. It looks like many of McNaught's books are being re-released, and I'm going to go looking for more.


  1. Oooh this sounds good Lori, it sounds right up my street.

  2. I haven't read this book for years, but I loved it. Just like you, I thought that Alex's naivety was a little over the top in the beginning.

    I have to recommend Almost Heaven by McNaught. It's an even better historical than this one. :)

  3. I agree with Casee, Almost Heaven is even better.

    I loved this book, too. Unlike some of McNaught's other books, this one was very well balanced. Jordon. Yum. LOL

  4. I haven't read this for years. I do remember vividly how much I enjoyed Ms. McNaught's historicals though.

  5. Oh goodness, this was my very first romance novel EVER and I really loved it! LOVE LOVE LOVE JORDAN TOWNSENDE!

    Great review, Lori!! =)

  6. OK - I guess Almost Heaven will be next on my McNaught list. Thanks for the rec, Casee and Holly!

    And Rowena, I'm laughing - I agree Jordan is too yummy!

    And thanks, Holly - it was time to update to something a bit more contemporary and muted that fit in with our personalities a bit more :)

  7. What a great review! I have never read a Judith McNaught! Can you believe it? I can't. I haven't read a SEP either. And I call myself a lover of romance books. Anywho, Something Wonderful sounds like a great place to start!

  8. Great review Chick! Both Something Wonderful and Almost Heaven sound like classics and my library does NOT have them. *growling* Adding them to my TBR list.

  9. Definitely, definitely read Almost Heaven (her best historical!) and then A Kingdom of Dreams (2nd best!).

  10. What i relished the most about "something Wonderful" was the hilarious edge to the story..Alexandera's disarming charm and jordan's egoistic nature make them a best example of "opposites attaract"..
    and thanks guys i will surely read Almost Heaven.


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