Monday, April 05, 2010

Has Anyone Read...

Christy Reece? She has three books--two of them out: No Chance, Second Chance and Last Chance (comes out April 27). If you've read her books, did you like them? Hate them? Details! I'm wondering if I should get them.

BTW--WAVES! I've missed you guys :)


  1. OMG Anne
    Christy is a-mazing. Brilliantly done rom. susp. Just the right balance of hot romance & suspense & she's a genius when it comes to villains. I would start with the first trilogy though (Rescue Me, Return To me & Run To Me). These could be stand-alones but it's about characters with LCR Last Chance recovery & each book mentions prior characters a little. I was lucky enough to find her with the first 2 just before the 3rd one came out & didn't have to wait. Just waiting for #6 in a few weeks. You're so lucky you can read them all without waiting. Start with the first one. you will not regret it. I challenge you to find one bad review. Her books always have 4 - 4 1/2 star HOT rating at Romantic Times Magazine (2 were top picks). Second Chance hit The NYT bestseller list.

  2. Awesome! Thank you Mary! I am looking up her first trilogy right now! Woot!

  3. Okay, here's a different opinion! I bought the first trilogy all at once after reading glowing reviews. I read Rescue Me and I hated it. I didn't believe the set up, I thought the heroine did lots and lots of stupid things and I didn't believe she was as kick-ass as I was told because she didn't demonstrate it - she needed saving all the time. It could have been more, the premise had a great deal of potential and it is the sort of thing that I would usually like. I didn't like the sequel baiting and I didn't like how Noah (the boss of LCR) disappeared in the middle of the book just so the hero could stand in as the boss for a while and create some tension with the heroine. I just didn't buy it. The further I read, the less I believed.

    Now, it's possible I was having a bad hair day or something but I really didn't like this book. Maybe if I hadn't hated the set up so much I would have been more forgiving. I mean, I really enjoyed the Tara Janzen series and it's not like she's super believable right? But this one? Not for me.

    I'm not planning on reading the other 2 which are sitting in pristine condition in my bookshelf. Given that I paid $18AUD for each book, I'm a little sad about that!

    This is only my opinion of course. YMMV.

    But, anyone who'll pay the postage can have my copies free.

  4. Hi Anne
    I was also going to tell you that her writing is very smart.

    So interesting to read your take. I totally get it about the suspension of belief. I've read some rom. susp. where they are fighting terrorism, drug lords etc & still have time for great sex but I love this genre anyway. Funnily enough, where you see sequel baiting, I'm happy there are more books. Once I find an author I like, I look for more.


Have you read it? What do you think?

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