Thursday, April 29, 2010

Seduction and Reunion in Death

Seduction In Death (#13)

Not a whole lot to say about this one, other than some random thoughts…

This one is very case-focused, but no less engrossing. The thing that struck me in Seduction in Death was how incredibly supportive of Eve that Roarke is. He’s enjoying himself as a 'temporary consultant, civilian'. And a bit appalled that he is working so closely with the police. Where in Betrayal, Eve supported Roarke, in Seduction, although still shaky from Mick’s death, Roarke takes on the caretaker role. I love watching the two of them support and care for one another. Their relationship has really grown over the course of the series; matured into a true marriage – one of compromise (in two people who don’t care to compromise), affection (that’s becoming a much more easy and loving affection than an all-out lusting love), support and humor.

Reunion in Death (#14)

Somehow, this one didn't grab me as much as the others have. However, the interactions are so good, as always, and the secondary characters interesting. I'm having a tough time seeing how Louise doesn't mind Charles having sex w/other women ("it's just his job"). I wasn't sure why Peabody's parents seemed to have so much more interaction with Eve and Roarke than with Peabody, except to offer insight into their pasts.

However, this book was a real step forward in Eve coming to terms with her past. She finally revisits Dallas, and remembers some more of what happened to her, but is still left shaken and confused. And Roarke is so supportive, while inside his heart is absolutely breaking for her. As Eve recounts and remembers what her father had done to her, Roarke has the following reaction:

“Good Christ.” He barely breathed the oath, had to jam his fists into his pockets for there was nothing and no one to fight, to punish for terrorizing the child that was now his wife.

And later…

He left her alone as much for himself as for her. The rage he’d managed to clamp down was threatening to snap free. He wanted to use his fists on something. Pound them until his arms screamed for rest.

She’d shower, he thought, with water that was brutally hot, because she’d once been forced to wash in cold. He never wanted her to be cold again, to shiver as she had shivered in that room where the ghosts, the viciousness of them, had been so tangible he’d seen them himself.

Watching her relive that night, as she too often did in dreams, had ripped him in two. It had left him helpless, useless, and with a violence borne of the fury he had nowhere to vent.

To have birthed and bred her, beaten and raped her all for selling her to other scum. What god had made such creatures as that and set them to prey on innocents?

Riding on rage, he stripped off his shirt as he strode into the small workout area. He yanked the speed bag into place. And attacked it, bare-fisted.

With each punch his anger grew, spreading through him like a cancer. The bag was a face he didn’t know. Her father’s. Then his own father’s. He battered at it with a concentrated rage that bloomed into hate. Pounded, pounded, as the black haze of that hate narrowed his vision. Pounded, pounded, as his knuckles wen raw and bloomed with blood.

And still he couldn’t kill it.

Wow. Robb’s portrayal of Roarke’s impotence in the face of Eve’s recollection is remarkable. And the rest of the scene is equally as powerful.It's just too long to quote here, but I so wanted to!

The juxtaposition of Eve’s growing relationships and expanding personal life against the revelations of her past are interesting to note, and make perfect sense. As her personal life becomes more rich and fulfilling, she has the support system in place to begin to loosen her block on the past.

On a lighter note, I loved how, when in Texas, she can’t fathom the open space and the lack of people, traffic, and noise. She proclaims herself a city girl, and just can’t see the appeal of living anywhere there is open space. It was pretty amusing, actually.

I noted almost directly after I finished this one that I hadn’t enjoyed it as much as the others. I’m not quite sure why now, as I go back to find bits and pieces to share. There is plenty here to really love, and looking back, I think I did enjoy it.

Oh, if only I could appreciate Nora Roberts in the same way that I do JD Robb.


  1. Oh, if only I could appreciate Nora Roberts in the same way that I do JD Robb

    ME TOO! Isn't it funny how we can love one so much and not the other..when they're the same freaking person?

  2. Me Three! If I had to pick one it would be Robb, no question.

    But I do want to read Savor the Moment, looking forward to that one.

  3. I'd like to say me four too! but I just love them both (Robb and Roberts), though I like one fart better than the other.

    I scanned your review Lori but couldn't read the entire post until atleast I read the novel first. I'm a few books behind you...

    I just got the Savor the Moment and currently in the middle of it. I can't say for sure yet if it's my fav since the beginning I was more excitedly waiting for Parker's story but it definitely entertained me so far and that's all that matters to it. *wink*wink*

    Thanks for the review and the fun of knowing we are both participating the In Death Challenge.

  4. I just skimmed through your IN DEATH reviews. I'm so thrilled you're enjoying these books, Lori!

  5. LOL, I enjoy both of them, ain't I the lucky one here? :)


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