Monday, November 29, 2010

Coming the first week of December... to my TBR

First, I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving and spent the day with the ones you love. If you aren't here in America, I still hope you spent the day with the ones you love :)

At casa Lori, we had a girlfriend spend the day with us for the very first time. Oldest's GF is positively adorable, and she is great for him. He, in turn, spent Thanksgiving at her house on Saturday, when they had their family dinner. It's a blessing when you can not only adore who your child has chosen, but also really like her family.

I also read a ton of books - I took the entire week off from work - a first for me. It was. Fricking. Awesome. And now I want to retire. And never work again. Sigh. The Man to Die For really needs to make that rock star gig work for him instead of the teaching gig. Or, I could win the lottery. That would be great. What? You have to buy a ticket? Well, damn.

I am so excited for the first week of December. Some books are pubbing that I'm dying to read.

WANT! I haven't even thought about the rest of the month. What are you dying to read next month?


  1. I need definitely need to get the Jo Goodman! I also need to do some research. Other than the Goodman, and my usual allotment of Harlequins, I'm not sure what else is coming up in December that I must have.

  2. I'm also super excited for the new book by Maya Banks. And for the new one by Gini Koch.

    I love my vacation time when I have nothing to do but read, it's simply perfect. I'm still waiting for my lottery win :)

  3. That's great when you like the girlfriend and her family.

    The Goodman is on my list, otherwise, December is a slow month. Which is good since reading time will be at a minimum.

  4. Jo Goodman. Sigh.

    And I'm reading Wicked Burn by Kery right yes...Explosive. Sigh.

    :-) Good things you're looking forward to!

  5. So lucky, having the week off! LOL, how is it to be back at work? I bet your list of books read this month is going to be miles long :)

    Hmmm, need to read The Darkest Hour first... but thanks for posting the cover up. I didn't realize it was coming out already :)

    By the way, very cool about the oldest's gf. It's very good that you like her and that her family appreciates your son :) A very good start :)


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