Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Don't Cry by Beverly Barton

Nowhere To Run
The crime scenes are horrifying: the victims arranged with deliberate care, posed to appear alive despite their agonized last moments and the shocking nature of their deaths.

No Place To Hide
Chattanooga grief counselor Audrey Sherrod moonlights for the local police. It-s clear to her, and to Special Agent J.D. Cass, that the murders are the work of a deranged serial killer. At first, the only link is the victims- similar physical appearance. But then another connection emerges, tying them to a long-ago series of horrifying crimes Audrey hoped would never resurface - crimes that hit all too close to home.

No Time To Cry
Each grisly new discovery proves the past has not been forgotten, and the worst is yet to come. Audrey went looking for the truth and she's about to find it-and it will be more twisted and more terrifying than she ever imagined.

I really liked this one. I thought the relationship between JD and his daughter was realistic and great. I liked that Audrey wasn't perfect - she judged JD and found him wanting, but I could see that it was a defense mechanism against her attraction. Even though it did come off as a bit judgmental. The relationships between Audrey and the men in her family was riveting to me. I thought Barton did a great job of showing how tragedy has long-term effects on a family.

The mystery was creepy enough to hold my interest. And although I guessed the whodunnit fairly early, it still worked for me.

Just a couple quibbles. I wasn't happy with the outcome for Audrey's brother. Although I understood why she wrote it the way she did, I didn't like the way it played out. And am I the only person who thinks that Barton is a closet Wayne's World fan? The two cop brothers-in-law, Wayne and Garth? I kept hearing "party on" in my head the whole time, LOL.

Anyway, a very solid entry from Barton. And I read she's writing another story for Audrey and JD. Hmmmm. Will be on the lookout for that one.

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  1. Is this part of a series or the first book in the series or...? Always on the lookout for good romanctic suspense :P I don't think I've ever read this author...


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