Saturday, May 20, 2006

More Ebook Buzz.... Heart of a Soldier by Vanessa Hart

I'm in a hurry this morning, so perhaps this book won't get its full due, but... I found this time travel book while perusing the May issue of Passionate Ink Book Notes. If you don't belong, I highly recommend it. Because I never would have stumbled across this terrific book otherwise. Here's the blurb, courtesy of Liquid Silver Books:

On her way to her best friend's wedding, college student Stacy Webber is transported to 1963 West Germany, where the U.S. Army suspect her of being a Soviet spy. She's put under the guard of Douglas Lee Bradley III.

He worries that his sudden, explosive affair with the woman he’s supposed to be guarding could jeopardize his shot at Officer Candidate School. He doesn't understand a lot of what Stacy says but is drawn to her imaginative tales of the future. She just wants to get back to her own century and needs Brad to help her. She doesn’t expect to fall in love with him. Once Stacy uncovers the reason for her time-jump, she faces a terrible secret that affects Brad’s life. Will Brad’s future be saved if she sacrifices her own?

First of all, I found this to be one of the most plausible time travels I've ever read. The interactions between Stacy and Brad were well done, as were the references to 2006 and Brad's disbelief of things that were only 40 years in the future - even given the fact that he is a huge science fiction fan. Stacy's reaction to being transported in time is also believable, as she grasps onto the one person who seems symapthetic to her plight.

As the attraction and connection grows between them, Brad finds himself torn between wanting to believe in Stacy, and just finding the entire time travel scenario too implausible. When the true reason for her time travel becomes clear, as does her mode of transport, the two lovers struggle to find the key to happiness - should Stacy stay or should she go back to her own time?

I found this story nicely written, very sweet, and quite enjoyable. Quite shocking, really, how far we've come in my lifetime.


  1. I read HEART OF A SOLDIER and don't usually read time travel. This was a "contemporary" time travel, though, reminisent of some of Marilyn Campbell's stuff, and I thought it was amazing!


  2. Lori, you are so right in your praise for ,HEART OF A SOLDIER,. All of Vanessa's books are wonderful, but I particularly enjoyed this one. The interaction between Brad and Stacy is so well-done, you find yourself telling Brad, "Believe her! It really happened!"

    Being a child of the 60s, I also loved hearing all the references to familiar events and objects.

    This book is great! Any fan of time travel should read it.

    Dee S. Knight

  3. Heidi, I don't usually do time travel or any sort of paranormals either, but I truly enjoyed this one :)

    Dee, this was my first book by Vanessa Hart - I really liked it. I'm open to any other recommendations!

  4. Based on your recommendation I read this and absolutely loved it. As Dee said, being a child of the 60's I loved all the references to my past. Sort of a trip down memory lane, if you will. Thanks for pointing me to a delightful love story.

  5. Oh Linda, I'n so glad that you liked it!


Have you read it? What do you think?

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