Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Charming the Highlander by Janet Chapman

A feisty beauty tempted by a bold highlander's touch...When a plane crash strands brilliant scientist Grace Sutter on an icy mountaintop in Maine, she finds herself alone in the wilderness with the only other surviving passenger -- Greylen MacKeague, a sexy, medieval warrior who's been tossed through time to find the woman he's destined to love. Forced together to survive the harsh, wintry landscape, neither expects the fierce passion that flares between them. But Grace is not used to letting her heart take control, and Greylen will settle for nothing less than her heart's surrender.

This is the first in a trilogy about some sexy Highlanders from the 12th century who are thrown into the 20th century and are living in Maine. Grey is strong and protective of both Grace and the infant he thinks is hers. Grace is still mourning her sister's death and although she's promised her sister to give the child to his father, she really doesn't want to give him up. Especially since she thinks the father is insane - he really thinks he's from the 12th century. She's a scientist and just knows that's impossible.

Now Grace really is a rocket scientist (I loved this aspect of our heroine) and there are some sticky complications with her boss. Grace seems to be constantly in jeopardy. Whether it's from a nasty ice storm or from a shady company that wants her rocket propulsion research.

Oh yes, there's another complication, MacKeague and the baby's father, McBain, are mortal enemies and were in the midst of battling each other when they got thrown into the future. They still hate each other.

I loved this book even though I read it way out of order. The other two are Loving the Highlander and Wedding the Highlander (in that order). I read them in 3-2-1 order and still enjoyed them!


  1. GASP!!! You read them out of order! That's sacrilege! LOL Glad you found a book to enjoy, Linda *G*

  2. I just finished Wedding the Highlander--also, ahem, out of order. It was entertaining and I plan to read the others. Charming the Highlander was next on my list.


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