Wednesday, May 03, 2006

My little granola...

My little granola.....

So I ask my 3-year old if he would like to wear his sandals. Sure, he says. I put them on his bare feet. He walks around for a moment, then decides they don't fit right. I shrug and say, ok, sneakers it is. I put his socks on and reach for his sneaks. He objects, grabbing his sandals instead. With socks? I ask. Yeah. You can't wear socks with sandals, I explained. Yes I can. Ok then. So here he is, socks and sandals. His Dutch grandmother would be so proud. Sigh.


  1. Because of my allergies, I HAD to wear socks with my sandals... so, hey... he's fashionable *G* Way to go G... you've got STYLE

  2. Steve wore his sandals that way till he was 8. Get used to it *g*

  3. Ok. Not sure how allergies and socks go together....but Lori, you guys live in California. Nuff said. *g*

  4. He's very certain what he wants, isn't he? *g* Neither is he a slave to fashion, bless his heart.

  5. My 4 1/2 year old insists on wearing his sandals to school with socks.

  6. I had skin allergies, Jen. I'm allergic to grass... I stepped on grass with my bare feet, I got a rash. My feet got dirty, they get super dry and they cracked open. It was NOT pretty. Socks were the key. : )

    G is STYLIN'

  7. That is so wrong and so adorable at the same time.



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