Thursday, January 07, 2010

A brief, random look back

Just a few thoughts on last year's reading and blogging.

One very marked difference...many, many more DNFs. If the writing is poor or the characters unbelievable, I'm done. No matter the author, no matter the promise of the book's premise. I put down over a dozen books last year. And when I look at them written there in my little calendar book, I've no desire to try them again.

The new authors or discoveries on my list weren't really new, LOL. (Though I think Carolyn Jewel and Julie James were still relatively new in 2009--loved them both to pieces.) The rest were big or buzz names I finally got around to reading--Jeannie Frost, Deana Raybourne, Lauren Dane and Patricia Briggs. All worthy of the big and the buzz.

Not sure if I will continue reading them however. Frost read very young to me, so I'm not sure. I think I'd rather pick back up with Colleen Gleason's series--also young, but maybe not as. Brigg's was a well-paced, well-written, completely engaging kitchen sink. Not unlike Kresley Cole in its busy, and like I said, very engaging. But it didn't snare me like Cole did. Raybourne is another hmmmm. Enjoyed her first title very much and I really enjoy her blog, but I may put reconnecting with Maria Snyder ahead of continuing Raybourne's series. As for Dane, let's just say I'm glad her backlist is long. I've years of good reading ahead.

Other buzz...Not being an e-reader (yet), or a noticeable Harlequin consumer (at least I don't notice), or a conference attendee (some day)...I remained pretty much on the discussion sidelines this year. Not unlike other years, LOL. In 'reading' news however, I will say that I was impacted by Walmart's book-buying changes--and not in a good way. I couldn't even get Singh's Blaze Of Memory last month. Very frustrating. In other 'news', I was also disappointed to learn that Brockmann plans to break from her Troubleshooters and SEALs. So fewer glimpses of Cosmo in my reading future, sigh. Time to let him go I suppose.

Reading and blogging resolutions...for 2009. I did good. I wanted to read more from my TBR list. I wanted to read at least one new or current release a month. And I wanted to get flush with my fave series. Check, check and check. I may have read fewer books overall (again), but I didn't 'miss' anything this year. (If I did, please do not tell me.)

For 2010, I really would like to review more, no question. I enjoy reviewing books. But like 2009, I expect that parenting a busy kid and working the day job will again trump reading and writing. Like Lori, I'll keep posting--totally committed but with zero rhythm, zero discipline.

(Do have to say, seriously, you would not believe the number of times a post drifts through my head. Sometimes making it to a post it note or my planner. But rarely making it to Blogger. I'm talking to you all way more often than you know. Can you hear me? Like yesterday, when I wondered at the phenomenon of flip flops (bare feet, yes) in the snowy, below 10 degrees winter conditions. Or the day before, when I recognized my contentment as I dropped G off to school and drove to work. Contentment, cuz we're doing fine. Or the night before that, when I was pressured into paying obscene money for a Party Lite candle. BTW, does anyone want this? I don't burn candles.)

Which leads me to ask, how many online communities do you support? Cuz that last bit, about the candle? I can't post that on FB because my friend who hosted the candle party is there. But here? I can. Just another reason I need you. So did FB, Twitter, etc. steal you away from blogland? For me, it was Facebook that squirreled some of my 2009 online time. And because it comprises the same audience I had for my son's online journal, it pretty much sealed the demise of that online journal as well. We're back to long-hand, but it's all here and there--just not cohesive (just like my blogs-on-post-it-notes). So there's probably my biggest goal for 2010--figure out the journal thing for him and just do it. And, remind, remind, remind myself of the need for my own journal...of book reviews. ;-)

Starting with one for Skin Game by Ava Grey. I read that before the holidays and because it was wow, stunning, f'ing journal demands an entry. I'll attempt a review this weekend.

Happy New Year Ladies


  1. Hi Jennifer! :)

    If you don't have as much time to read, then whatever not to your taste, putting it down is a good decision :)

    What did you mean by: Brigg's was a well-paced, well-written, completely engaging kitchen sink.

    I'm not sure about the reference to the kitchen sink...

    As for other community, I only have FB and I only use it to play Bejeweled Blitz... However, I spend way too much time on it :(

  2. For the longest time I couldn't put a book down once I'd started it. I just had to finish it, no matter if I liked it or not. Thankfully I've gotten away from the compulsion the last few years and I'm better at setting something aside if it doesn't work for me.

    I still feel a twinge of guilt/anxiety when I do though. Isn't that strange?

    I'm so glad you're doing well. I've been hiding under my rock and not around much, but I still think about you (a sentiment it seems we share?). I think up the most wonderful blog posts/topics, too..then forget them 5 minutes later.

    Twitter and Facebook both stole quite a bit of my time this year, though Twitter got the bulk of it. Those awesome blog ideas I forget? Easily immortalized on Twitter, in less than 5 seconds and 140 characters or less. The instant gratification I receive when I get an immediate response is addicting. I do hope to step back from it a bit in the new year and focus more on blogging again, however. I miss the in-depth conversations blogs bring.

    Happy New Year! I look forward to another amazing year with you.

  3. Limited free time was exactly the reason I was finally able to toss aside a book I'm not liking. Like you Holly, it took me a long time to get there.

    Nath - I meant that Briggs' book had every single paranormal element there is in it--every breed or species, etc. Vamps, weres, and so on. I liked it a lot, but didn't see myself working too hard to catch up that series. Until...I read mention of something that happens in the series...won't spoil it here, but it made me rethink it. There may be more to Briggs' Mercy Thompson series than I expected.

    Sounds like we all strayed to other social networks this year, LOL. Wonder if that will last in 2010?

    Good to see you :-)


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