Friday, January 15, 2010

Doing our part for Haiti... give a little, get a lot!

My husband's multitude of bands is giving all their proceeds between now and 15 February to the American Red Cross for Haiti earthquake relief. Here's the message that went out:

"We're blown away by the devastation in Haiti. We're giving 100% of all music sales from now to Feb 15 on iTunes, Napster, Amazon, etc. to the American Red Cross for aid in Haiti. If you spend 9.99, we give a 9.99 donation. Search Sunday Night Gospel, Mary Carves the Chicken, Page Jackson, Muddflaps, and our buds, The Bowlwinders (comedy). This is what our music is all about.

You can search up their music on iTunes, Amazon, or almost any of the music sites.

I love their music, and yeah, I'm biased. You can check out samples of their stuff at:
Facebook (uh, yeah. The site's a little out of date, but hey. I'm their webmaster, and I've been busy! All the albums and a full song sample from each are there, so my work is done for the day)

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