Monday, January 11, 2010

Reading Goals and other assorted stuff

As you probably know by now, if you've read our blog for any length of time, I've never tracked my books. Each year, I try, and I can only seem to get through February before I give it up as just too much of a hassle. I also never set a goal for myself on the number of books I want to read. I just read, and the number is what it is.

However, this year, when I put my "Best of" post together, I forgot two books I really wanted to mention. (Butterfly Tattoo by Deidre Knight and Daring Time by Beth Kery). Because I couldn't possibly review every book I read (waving to Jill), and I don't have a tracking system, it's really difficult for me to look backwards to remember all the books I read come EOY synopsis time.

So, this year, I'm taking a page from Holly's book. Since I'm already on Goodreads, I decided to make a bookshelf for books read each month, and an overarching one for books read each year. There's no way I could ever go backwards, so I'm just moving forward, especially since I'm still adding books from long ago as I come across them. Hopefully, that will help me at the end of the year not to determine how many books I read, but which ones I loved. I'd hate not to mention a book that really struck me simply because I'm lazy, LOL.

So if you happen to be on Goodreads, and don't see anything in the monthly reads bookshelves, leave a comment here and bug me, k?

In other news, the So Cal Bloggers got together again this weekend, minus Nikki who was feeling poorly (hope you're better soon!). We started off at Renee's with general book chat, and then moved on to the local UBS, where I bought more than I needed. I picked up The Prey, The Hunt, and The Kill by Allison Brennan (note to self - don't get rid of books you're going to want to read again!); Joe's Wife by Cheryl St. John (since it got such great buzz in the re-read challenge); an old historical from Anne Stuart, and one other that I can't remember (see? I need a tracking system!).

We had lunch at a cute (read tiny) yummy Mexican restaurant, where among other things, we proceeded to gossip about all of you (it's all good, I swear!). General consensus on other topics was that we all wanted to lose more weight. Ugh.

Another great day with Renee, Wendy, Holly, Tracy, and Rosie


  1. I do review 99.9% of what I read, but it would still be hard for me to look back without my spreadsheet. What I've gotten lazy about is my "wishlist" - which is why I was out with you all this weekend sans shopping list.

  2. Well at the speed you read Lori, if you could review all of them, I'd be bowing at your feet. Seriously :)

    I started tracking my books for the same reasons than you. So when I look back, it's way easier.

    And lucky, another So Cal meeting!

  3. How I wish I had started keeping a spreadsheet years ago. My memory is not what it used to be. :)

    You're So Cal Blogger get togethers sound like such fun. Great company and good food!

  4. Leslie, you aren't that far away. Come up for a weekend! We'll take any excuse to get together.

    I love the idea of someone bowing at my feet, Nath. Won't you do it anyway? LOL! My guys are so irreverent, nobody will ever be bowing at my feet.

  5. I'm such a nerd, but I love keeping track of my books. So good luck with your venture!

    How is Goodreads? I use Shelfari and librarything. Both have their strengths and weaknesses.

  6. Lori - I think it's a great idea to use GoodReads to keep track of your books. I use Shelfari, but I imagine it would be somewhat similar.

    I am always so jealous when I read about the SoCal blogger get togethers. I live over her in Fl, and I know there are bloggers around me. I just need to make it happen. Maybe that will be my New Year's Challenge!

  7. It was so good to see you all this weekend!

    I'm glad you're going to be keeping track this year. It isn't as difficult as it seems, I promise. Especially since you aren't vowing to review all the books you read, just to write them down (that was always the sticking point for me in the past).

  8. Review all the books one reads? Impossible, I say -at least for me! lol

    It was great to see you this past weekend!

    Good luck with your lists - I don't know where I'd be without mine.

  9. Good luck with tracking your reads. I personally enjoy it--dunno why...guess cuz it's not unlike that feeling of remembering where I was when I read a particularly good book. I have found that I can't maintain a list of books read or books I want to read on the computer--online or in a spreadsheet. For books read, I have a pocket calendar--just for that purpose. I simply write the title and author on the day I finished the book. And my TBR / wish list is long hand too. I like to jot new titles as I see mention/review/rec of them. In fact...LOL...I'm sure I'm housing, feeding, clothing, etc. at least one person at the Post It note factory. Have fun with your lists this year :-)

  10. I'm a big list person, so making lists of books is so much fun for me. I love those online bookshelves (I use Shelfari) because I love those "lists" with pictures!

    I'm glad you'll be keeping track of your books. You definitely don't want to leave a favorite out at the EOY.

    I think I should fly to SoCal one weekend JUST to join you guys on one of those get togethers. MR.GREEN! ;)

  11. Christine & Jill, you should definitely fly out. LisaBea does occasionally, and we always get together when she comes. She's coming again in a couple weeks, and we'll get together again :) Like I said, any excuse!

    And Leslie, like I said, you're only about a 5 hour drive away. Come on up for a weekend!

    As for book tracking, so far so good. I think I tracked everything I read this month. We shall see... February is usually my do or die month.

  12. My wheels are turning, Lori. It would be a nice girls weekend escape for me at one point.

  13. Yeah, I must say you put a bug in my ear with that one. Maybe, I could fly out there. I will definitely be working to come out there for RT 2011. I don't know if I could talk my husband letting me go out there in the fall. I suppose if it was just for a short weekend and I got a good deal on a flight I probably could talk him into it. I'd really love to meet everybody. Of course, I wonder what my husband would ask in return for letting me do this. It might be more than I'm willing to pay!


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