Tuesday, December 13, 2005

An Invitation to Sin by Suzanne Enoch

This is book 2 of the Griffin sibling books. Zachary is the youngest of the 3 brothers (Eleanor, mentioned below, being the youngest of the 4). He is considered the unfocused flighty one, with no specific plans and no direction. Just when he decides to join the army, big brother, the Duke, sends him on an errand to Bath with their aunt. Alng the way, she tricks him into visiting a friend of hers, who happens to have 7 unmarried daughters.

Caroline, the eldest, wants to be a painter - she is applying to apprenticeships all over Europe. She sees inside Zachary, to the strong, deep person he can be. He is amazed, because no one, not even himself, has really tried to look inside him that deeply to get to what he wants out of life.

She is of course, stubborn, thinking that a marriage to anyone (especially into a Duke's family) would stifle her creativity, not allowing her to paint for a living. So, after a series of mishaps involving the other 6 sisters all trying to vy for his attention, Zachary falls for Caro and vice versa.

During the course of all this, Zachary finds himself and a purpose in life. He proposes, she turns him down, fearing the loss of her freedon to paint, yada, yada, yada. After a couple months apart, he can take it no more and finds her. They make up and live happily ever after.

I still like these books for what they are - easy no-brainer romps, but I was a tad disppointed in book 2. Sebastian, the Duke, came across as less likeable in this one than in the first one (see below). I hope she fixes that in the next book, because it took away from my enjoyment of this book - he was just a jerk. The interaction of the siblings was much of what made the first one so enjoyable, and this book had much less of that - Eleanor wasn't even in it (she was on her honeymoon). Still, accepting it at face value, it was ok. But borrow it from a friend, don't pay for it yourself.


  1. As I clamour to read everything you strongly recommend, I'm almost relieved by this review. Gives me a chance to catch my breath. *G*

  2. LOL!! Yes, there are definitely others you should read first :)


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