Thursday, December 08, 2005

Slip Knot by Gail Faulkner

Well, this was pretty much a foregone conclusion, for two reasons. One, I had already ascertained that I like this author, having read one of her previous titles. Two, I never fail to come undone for a military man.

In Slip Knot, Faulkner entrusts readers with not one, but a handful of breathtaking, highly proficient, wise-cracking special ops heroes—all of whom are integral to the story. Rem’s teammates are not gratuitous secondary characters. Instead, Faulkner weaves them so tightly into the story that I was compelled to consciously keep track of every character; drawn to each and concerned for all. Watching these men exchange barbs one moment and communicate without speaking in the next, I felt privy to that sense of brotherhood that so draws me to soldier stories.

Watching Rem’s heroine shed emotional layers throughout Slip Knot was equally engaging. I was skeptical at first; not sure who she really was or what she was about. That I was cheering for her in the end is a nod to Faulkner’s ability to power readers forward, daring us to trust Rem’s open devotion to her—from the beginning, then counting on our willingness to embrace a woman who is a survivor. While we get to hear from both Rem and Kathryn throughout the book, Faulkner lets the reader accompany Rem through most of the discovery period of this relationship. It is a rewarding experience.

Faulkner’s realistic depiction of strategy and weaponry strengthen believability and heighten suspense. The element of danger in this book is palpable—again, fully engaging the reader.

The sex? Hot. Of course. Hotter, in fact, because Faulkner builds sexual tension, rather than exploiting it. Rem’s careful solicitation of Kathryn provides the book’s most emotionally revealing scenes. Additionally, all of Faulkner’s men and women stay ‘in character’ between the sheets. This made for believable, trustworthy characters.

That foregone conclusion? I dug it. This is a very good read indeed.


  1. Wow and Thank you! So glad you like the guys! Obvoulsy I adore everyone of them. :) Now I have to off and do some silly happy dancing in private.

  2. Yup - those guys are definitely delicious!

  3. No Gail, thank YOU! Like I said, I love a good read and appreciate the authors that can deliver them!

  4. I totally agree about GF's Ghost Unit men. They're absolutely mouthwatering. Have you heard if there will be a story for Miguel and/or Tami?


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