Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Pregnancy Test by Erin McCarthy

I love Erin's books. She has the devil of a sense of humor. The heroine of this book is British, and she is hilarious in that oh-so-British forthright, upstanding way. She finds herself pregnant by a guy she feels so-so about, then dumped unceremoniously by said guy.

Her roommate gets her a job interview (she needs health insurance), where she promptly pukes all over her potential new boss. I remember those morning sickness days *g*. Miraculously she gets the job anyway. On a "business trip" *wink wink* to the Carribean, they get together. Damien's reaction to finding out Mandy is pregnant is priceless. I wanted to smack him right along with her. It was written so perfectly!

Erin McCarthy does a great job as always of mixing up the humor into situations that wouldn't necessarily call for it ("oh my god, did I blow air into your vagina during oral sex? You could die!" - Damien is obsessed with this one LOL). Great story, great plot, loads of sex, loads of fun, and a beautiful, sensitive hero hiding behind a world of hurt and bravado. What more could I ask for?


  1. I guess I better order this book straight away. I have almost all of Lori Foster's books but haven't got this one yet.

    Thanks for the reviews Jenn.


  2. I read this book and I thought it was hiliarious! A must read!!

  3. I loved this book. It was hysterical!



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