Sunday, November 06, 2005

Another military romance...

Code of Honor by Catherine Mann

OK, are you sensing a theme with me lately? Here is another military/CIA/men in uniform action packed romance. I love Catherine Mann. IMO, she is the next Suzanne Brockmann. I actually had the chance to meet her at RWA and am on a couple loops with her. She is a terrific person and a wonderful author. So, this book has that best friends become lovers theme that I love, but with a serious twist. This one revolves around two couples (their lives are intertwined, but I won't say how - don't want to give it away), a foreign country somewhere in S America, a drug lord, revenge, and a tense, suspenseful rescue, all with an emotional back story to boot. Oh yeah, and loads of hot sex, too. If you like this type of book, this is another definite thumbs up - a winner!

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