Thursday, November 10, 2005

Too Hot to Handle by Cheryl Holt

I love Cheryl Holt's books because she is not afraid to show the depraved underbelly of society in her historicals. This one has Emily seeking a governess position. Oops - she happened to come to Michael's (the Earl of Winchester) house during the mistress "interviews" instead of the governess interviews, and gets quite an eyeful. After clearing up the misunderstanding somewhat, Michael hires her (as governess, but wants her for mistress). Loads of sexual tension and hot sex scenes along with a great backstory of Michael and his brother, who falls for Emily's blind sister. Mixed in are Michael's nasty ex-mistress and his conniving teenage ward, each of whom wants him for themselves and is willing to do anything to Emily to get him.

I love that the men are very improper in her books, and nothing seems off limits. These are some serious bad boys. Match them up with curious innocent women, and the results are hot! The sex scenes are steamy and the story intriguing. Another thumbs up for Cheryl Holt.


  1. I've never read Cheryl Holt. Think I will now.

  2. I've never ready Cheryl Holt either... I may have to give one of her books a try.


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