Tuesday, November 15, 2005

NJ Walters’ Awakening Desires – Series

Blip: Lori also reviewed Capturing Carly; see post from November 7th.

This three-book series is comprised of Katie’s Art of Seduction, Erin’s Fancy and Capturing Carly. All three are simple love stories. No unexpected plot twists or complex mysteries. No conflict—aside from the emotional tugging between her characters. Readers can simply relax and watch each relationship unfold; experiencing only minor tension as we watch footing won, lost, then won again.

I like the fact that Walters centers each of these books on the relationship between the H&H—with very little distraction. And I really like the attention she pays to the characters’ uncertainties—particularly those harbored by her independent heroines. I enjoyed watching as they acknowledged their doubts, and then dealt with them. Walters conveys this transition with truthfulness and realism. It was refreshing to see each woman reason through her doubts (moving toward choice), instead of simply placing her trust in her hero, blindly. I appreciated the honesty and responsibility Walters gave these women.

Walters’ heroes appealed to me because 1) they are quite large (exceptionally tall, broad-shouldered-- sorry but that really does it for me) and 2) possessive (a distinctly alpha and very bossy characteristic that also appeals to me). Their emotional journeys were interesting, but more predictable (in a romance fiction kind of way—recognizing their dream/wish in a single moment of enlightenment).

Her secondary characters are well drawn and interesting, but she weaves them into the story without drawing the reader’s focus entirely from the H&H. Even readers who keep their eyes peeled for the star of the next book will find it hard to stray from the bonds of the relationship currently at center stage.

Oh, and the sex was very good. Erotic. Intimate, personal—as opposed to clinical. And no ick moments. Very hot. <>


  1. I loved the first two in this series but Capturing Carly just didn't capture ME for some reason. *wry grin*

  2. Funny, I liked the latter two more. In the first one, I wasn't so sure about Cain--he was too hard IMO. Of course in the last one, Nathan's sexual dominance IS perhaps a tad over the top.

  3. i read the first. i will be reading the second and third soon i hope. again that tbr pile..:)


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