Thursday, November 10, 2005

Hostile Makeover by Wendy Wax

I liked the humor in Wendy Wax's 7 Days and 7 Nights, so I thought I'd take a look at this one. Well, I didn't enjoy it as much as I had hoped. Shelley is a spoiled JAP working for Daddy. Daddy decides to retire and she is at the mercy of the new president Ross. Ross gives her the bottom of the barrell clients in, what she perceives, an attempt to get her out of the company. They argue for the entire book until they admit they are in love on literally the last page.

I thought I might really like this one, because you so rarely read books about Jewish H/Hs. Now I know why. This was full of stereotypical Jewish mothers, aunts, cousins, etc. Maybe if the story was set in New York I'd believe it, but Atlanta? Puleeze. I have never had a conversation like those in this book in my life, and I'm pretty sure I'm Jewish LOL. And the heroine is so dead set against a Jewish guy that when she finds out the hero is Jewish, she dumps him, even though she loves him.

I was also disappointed that we never get to see the story from the Ross' POV. It reminds me of the way Harlequin romances used to be 20 years ago, when the story was only what the woman felt. I love that romances have come a long way since then, and the hero's thoughts and feelings aare as integral to the stories as the heroine's. But this boook was hard to get into because it didn't give both perspectives. All in all, a very disappointing read. Thumbs down.


  1. I purposefully passed this one up because the reviews on Amazon were very low... now I'm glad I did. Great HONEST review... I love that. : )

  2. Too bad I didn't read the reviews on Amazon first - I would have passed it up too!

  3. My thanks as well Lori. Everything you listed as disappointing or unbelievable would have ruined this book for me too.

  4. Oh God, this sounds like the kind of book I'd toss down the loo!!

    I absolutely hate books where the H/H argue all the way through, and then your expected to believe that they live happily ever after. How flipping annoying! Uggh!


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