Thursday, November 03, 2005

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Close-Up by Virginia Kantra

Men in uniform, undercover agents, spies, I love these types of books. This one is another action packed read. The FBI director's daughter gets kidnapped by a right-wing religious culty-type group (think Branch Davidians and David Koresh). Of course, Mom & Dad are so wrapped up in their own worlds, they don't even notice she is gone. She escapes and runs into Jack, an ex-cop (of course, with issues) there to sneak his sister (married to the cult's crazy leader) away from the cult. Together they get into heaps of trouble, argue a bunch, and fall in love while trying to bring down the cult and avoid another Waco-like incident. This was full of action and adventure. It just manages to avoid being stereotypical, thank goodness. I must say, though, that it bothered me that Lexie wouldn't tell Jack who she was. For her everything is about trust, and so this didn't ring quite true once their relationship was going strong. I got over it, though. If you like the action/adventure/survival type story (think Cherry Adair, but not as good), this is a thumbs up.

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  1. This one sounds good Lori. I like the action-packed stuff as well.


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